Elysium (2017 Remaster) [1LP]
Elysium (2017 Remaster) [1LP]

Elysium (2017 Remaster) [1LP]

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The Duo’s eleventh studio album from 2012, remastered and pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl.

The album was co-produced by PSB with Andrew Dawson, who engineered much of Kanye West’s album ‘808s & Heartbreaks’, a record which Neil Tennant had become ‘mildly obsessed’ with at the time. 

The darker lyrical themes of ‘Elysium’ are reflected in the record’s sound. Neil Tennant said: ‘It is deep in terms of the sound—got a lot of sub-bass—it's sort of deep in terms of subject matter, the way it's expressed. But I think it's the Pet Shop Boys' most beautiful album.’

The album featured the singles ‘Winner,’ ‘Leaving’ and ‘Memory of the Future’.

Side A
1.    Leaving
2.    Invisible
3.    Winner
4.    Your early stuff
5.    A face like that
6.    Breathing space

Side B
1.    Ego music
2.    Hold on
3.    Give it a go
4.    Memory of the future
5.    Everything means something
6.    Requiem in denim and Leopardskin